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Retail Training

We believe that the continual training and development of retail staff is essential if they are to have the skills necessary to ensure that a business is efficient, customer-focused and as profitable as possible. Our experience is that delegates who attend our courses leave with renewed enthusiasm and are eager to put their newly acquired skills into practice.

Our courses have been designed specifically to give anyone working in ‘heritage’ shops regardless of whether they have previously worked in the High Street or are completely new to retailing, the knowledge and skills to ensure that the sales and profitability of their shops are maximized.

We are listing below the profiles of our most popular courses but we are very happy to ‘cut and paste’ elements from any of the courses to suit your requirements or write courses specific to meet your particular needs.

These courses have all been designed to be run ‘in-house’ and are charged on a daily rate regardless of the number of delegates who attend. The more delegates, the cheaper the individual cost. If you do not have a sufficient number of staff to make a course viable, why not do as some of our smaller museum clients have done – collaborate with other local museums to hold a Training Day at a central location!

Retail Management

This one-day course is ideal for anyone who holds a retail management position. It provides a good grounding for new managers and acts as a thorough refresher for those who are more experienced - giving practical tips and advice on how to become more effective in the role. Managers will return to their shops feeling confident, focused and ready to put everything they have learned into practice.

This course has also proved very popular with senior staff at heritage sites who are not involved with retailing on a day-to-day basis but are ultimately responsible for the income that it generates and would like a better understanding what it takes to run a profitable business.

The Workshop content includes an appreciation of recruitment, the induction process, staff management skills, managing time, managing customer care, managing performance, security, and buying & product development.

Visual Merchandising & Display

The way that merchandise is presented in your shop is one of the most important factors in determining whether it will achieve its true sales potential. This one-day course focuses on the basic principles of merchandising and display, the importance of getting a logical shop layout and the effective use of ticketing and point-of-sale material. It will give an understanding of how to create a shopping environment that will attract customers and convert browsers to buyers.

The Workshop combines demonstrations of the basic principles of merchandising and display with practical exercises to ensure that everyone leaves with the skills to put the theory into practice.

Exceptional Customer Service and Selling Skills

Selling skills are often regarded as inappropriate at heritage sites because many people associate them with pushy, overbearing sales assistants. This type of selling is more likely to turn potential customers away than encourage them to buy!

This one-day course looks at what constitutes Exceptional Customer Service. The emphasis is on placed on demonstrating that Selling Skills not only play a vital role in delivering the highest level of customer service but are also vital for sustained income generation. It looks at ways to maximize sales by turning browsers into buyers without using ‘hard sell’ techniques. Although primarily aimed at retail staff, it provides everyone who comes into contact with the public an insight into how their attitude, behaviour and approach is perceived by customers and the effect that this can have on sales and the overall ‘visitor experience’.

Budgeting & Managing Profits

If you can measure performance, you can monitor it and if you can monitor it, you can manage it. Despite this well-known fact, it is surprising how little information about the performance of shops is produced on a regular basis to provide managers with the tools they need to manage their businesses effectively.

This one-day workshop, for managers at all levels, not only looks at accepted ways of monitoring retail performance but also quantifies the norms for these Key Performance Indicators and, even more importantly, suggests ways to improve areas that are falling below the norm. The day is highly participative and, hopefully, as stress-free as we can make it - but calculators are essential!

Buying & Product Development

The range of products stocked in your shop should enhance and support the objectives and brand values of your site and organization as well as meeting the needs and expectations of your visitors.

Selecting and developing appropriate products is part of a Retail Manager’s role but is one for which they may have had very little, or possibly no, previous experience – especially if they have come from a high street multiple retail background. This one-day workshop covers the complete buying process from understanding who the customer is and what they will want to buy to the pricing policy and legal issues.

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