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What do we offer?

Additional sources of income are now regarded as essential for the long term survival of most types of visitor attractions. Retailing is often seen as an easy way of generating some of this additional funding but setting up and running a successful shop requires very different skills from those needed to manage the day-to-day operation of a museum, a cathedral or a country estate. This is where we can help.

We are practical people with 'hands on' experience. We provide workable solutions to your problems and, as no two situations are the same, our solutions are tailor-made to your own particular circumstances.

Essentially, we offer the expertise to help you to manage your trading activities professionally and profitably. If, however, you would prefer to receive a guaranteed income from your retailing and would like to concentrate your time and resources elsewhere in your business, we are very happy to talk to you about the benefits of Contract Retailing.
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How do we work?

Unless we are asked to do a very specific task, such as recruiting your staff, developing a new product range or designing a new shop, we normally start by carrying out a detailed analysis of your existing retail business and/or your plans for the future. Once we have completed our study, we make recommendations on where and how improvements can be made. The degree to which we then become involved in your business is entirely at your discretion. With most of our clients we work with their staff to implement our recommendations and monitor the resulting improvements in performance.

The areas in which our advice is most often sought are:-

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Principal Consultant

John Prescott has a wealth of retail experience and knowledge. He began his working life in Chartered Accountancy but then moved into retailing where he has held senior management positions with major high street companies. He has worked exclusively in the heritage retail sector since 1979, forming his own company, Retail Matters, in 1991.

In addition to his consultancy work, John is a lecturer on Heritage & Museum Management at Birmingham University and has written retail course material for the Open University.
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